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Purchased our Residential VPN?
Setup Guides for Residential VPN can be found here.

Non-Residential VPN Customers (Most of you ;)
Accounts Inc. Basic VPN, Max VPN, VPN All/All Plus/UK/USA/Canada

For our non-residential VPN we support 4 different types of VPN, we generally recommend trying the VPNs in the order they are listed below; OpenVPN is our recommended method.

  • OpenVPN - Standard and DPI
  • L2TP
  • Stealth
  • PPTP - legacy technology, to be avoided

In a censored country?
If you're in a censored country please use OpenVPN with the 'DPI' options for best performance; OpenVPN DPI is an option at install/set-up time.

Stealth can also be used from censored countries, although OpenVPN DPI will usually perform best without sacrificing encryption strength.

If you have problems with OpenVPN DPI, then try Stealth as a secondary option. Stealth is available for computers only, due to the additional software requirements.

Microsoft Windows

Windows XP (Deprecated)

Windows Vista (Deprecated)

Windows 7

Windows 8

Windows 10



Mobile Devices



Windows Phone


Ubuntu 13.04


OpenELEC / LibreELEC

Amazon Fire TV / Fire Stick



Build your own VPN router using virtualisation software (VMware, Parallels, Virtualbox, etc) and LEDE/OpenWRT, running on a host computer/laptop.

Raspberry Pi 3

Build your own VPN router using a Raspberry Pi 3 and LEDE/OpenWRT (earlier versions not supported), this will work as an appliance connected to your existing routers ethernet/cabled ports.



GL iNet Router

Generic Router

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