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GL iNet Router - OpenVPN

Here you can find setup information for your chosen VPN and also how to fix any problems you might encounter.

You can use the Table of Contents on the right hand side of this window to navigate between the different sections.

In our testing, with a GL-B1300, speed was around 8-10Mbps when using the 'Port1' options. This is fast enough for 1-2 devices, or a media box.

The speed limiting factor on these devices is the processor, it is low powered, so speed is slower than a computer/tablet/etc.

Install Guide

Step 1
First, make sure your GL iNet router has internet access, i.e you can access the internet when connected to its wifi network. If not, troubleshoot this first.

Step 2
Update the device firmware: Settings → Firmware, make sure you’re running the latest version. If not, update first.

Step 3
Download the configuration files below, then open the zip file on your computer and you will see the ‘OVPN’ files.

Step 4
Login to the router (see the router documentation if required) and add the OVPN file to the router. 'Port1' options will probably be fastest, 'Port2' uses a higher encryption strength.

OpenVPN → OpenVPN Client → Upload New → Drag n Drop the OVPN file you want to load, into the box

Step 5
You will be prompted for your VPN username/password, enter these and click ‘Submit’

Step 6
From the routers OpenVPN (client) screen:

  • Enable: Enabled
  • Force VPN: Recommend you start with this off then enable at the end, if you wish. Setting this may cause problems on some public wifi, i.e. where you need to login first
  • Config File: select the file you uploaded in Step 3
  • Click Apply
  • Device will restart after clicking Apply

Step 7
Rejoin the routers wifi after the device restarts

Step 8
Login to the router again, Settings → Internet Settings (vertical menu on the right-hand side) → DNS Settings → Configure:

  • DNS Server 1:
  • DNS Server 2:

Then, click Apply. Device may well restart again.

Step 9
Rejoin the routers wifi after the device restarts, then login to the router again

Step 10
Check the VPN connected: Settings → OpenVPN → OpenVPN Client, should show as ‘OpenVPN is Connected’ under the Status section.

Step 11
Open the below tester on a computer/tablet when connected to your GL iNet router, to make sure the VPN is connected (and VPN DNS says 'Yes' if using UK or USA VPN servers).

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