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Asuswrt-Merlin - PPTP

Here you can find setup information for your chosen VPN and also how to fix any problems you might encounter.

You can use the Table of Contents on the right hand side of this window to navigate between the different sections.

Introduction - please read

This guide assumes that your Asus router will be a dedicated secondary VPN router, your main/ISP router will continue to provide non-VPN internet access - the Asus router will connect to your main/ISP router to get its internet connection, your main/ISP router will continue to connect to your ISP/broadband.

Upgrade to Asuswrt-Merlin

Step 1
Verify that your Asus router is supported by Asuswrt-Merlin, the below devices are fully supported at the time of writing, but PLEASE double check on the Asus Merlin website (link in Step 2 below).

Asuswrt-Merlin officially supports the following router models:

  • RT-AC66U_B1 (same firmware as the RT-AC68U)
  • RT-AC68U (including revisions C1 and E1)
  • RT-AC68P (same firmware as RT-AC68U)
  • RT-AC68UF (same firmware as RT-AC68U)
  • RT-AC87
  • RT-AC3200
  • RT-AC88U
  • RT-AC3100
  • RT-AC5300
  • RT-AC1900 (same firmware as RT-AC68U)
  • RT-AC1900P (same firmware as RT-AC68U)
  • RT-AC86U (starting with version 382.1)
  • RT-AC2900 (same firmware as RT-AC86U)
  • RT-AX88U

(Note: the U, R and W variants are all supported, as they are the exact same hardware and firmware, only different marketing SKUs or different case color)

The following models are no longer officially supported:

  • RT-N16
  • RT-N66U
  • RT-AC66U
  • RT-AC56U

Latest supported list:

Step 2
If your device is supported, please proceed to the Asuswrt-Merlin documentation for installation steps/links:

VPN Install Guide

Step 1
Retrieve the Server Address for the VPN you want to connect to, i.e the location you want to appear to be in, you will need this later:

Step 2
Connect the blue WAN/Internet port, from your Asus router to your main broadband routers cabled ports (there are usually 4 grouped together) if you not already done.

Setup your new wireless network (this wireless network will provide VPN access, your main/ISP router will continue to provide non-VPN internet access) making sure to specify WPA/WPA2 encryption keys, so that it is NOT an open network (otherwise all your neighbours will be able to use your VPN).

Step 3
Click WAN, from menu on left hand side, under Advanced Settings

Step 4
Configure as per the Basic Config, WAN IP Setting, WAN DNS Setting sections as follows:

Step 5
Configure the Account Settings as follows, the 'PPP username' is your VPN username and 'Password' your VPN password:

Step 6
Configure the 'Special Requirements from ISP' section as follows, the 'VPN Server' is the server address you want to connect to (where you want to appear to be) retrieved in Step 1 of this Install Guide:

Step 7
Click 'Apply' at the bottom of the window to save the configuration

Step 8
Give the device a few minutes to connect the VPN, make sure your device(s) is connected to the Asus wireless/wired ports, then open our tester page below to make sure you're successfully connected.

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