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Welcome to the StreamVia Help homepage, here you will find setup guides and how to fix common problems.

What's new?
20/12/18 - FIXED: Virgin TV Go
27/08/18 - FIX: iPad/iPhone OpenVPN App changed. Cannot connect.
25/04/18 - New 'DPI' version of OpenVPN released, for censored locations
08/03/18 - Build a Virtual VPN Router
06/03/18 - Build a VPN router with a Raspberry Pi 3B

Connected, But Still Blocked?
Click Here for additional Location Detection Methods some websites use

Wrong Google Location Shown?
Click Here for steps/video on how to correct/change


Using a VPN is the traditional way to bypass blocks and filters or change your location.

  • Additional security from ISP/government
  • Available anywhere
  • Works in censored locations, hotels, etc
  • Encryption
  • Changes your Internet location
  • Enable/disable as required
  • Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
  • iPhone, iPad, Android
  • DD-WRT, Raspberry Pi Routers


Alternative to using a VPN, specifically designed for optimising supported streaming media sites.

  • No additional encryption/security
  • Will not work in censored locations, hotels etc
  • Fastest performance
  • Best for streaming
  • Works even over long distances
  • Supported streaming sites only
  • Always on
  • Computers, tablets, phones, routers
  • Amazon FireTV, SmartTVs, AppleTVs, etc

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