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Google Showing Wrong Location

Sadly, Google does not always get geolocation correct - because many devices have GPS/Location Services, mobile signal and wifi signal, Google will try to also determine your location from this (if you let them and don't disable it).

If there are a number of users connecting from specific areas of the world, Google may incorrectly update the perceived VPN IP address location to match. This does not impact other external sites, only Google and some Google affiliated sites.

You can help with this matter by disabling Location Services, GPS, any location based tracking on your device/browser - in the device settings or just the web browser settings if you do not wish to/cannot disable it for the device as a whole. Eventually, Google will then return to the IP 'whois' location, rather than perceived/detected user location. Some 3rd party links on this subject below:

How can I change the Google location now?

  • Open the Google location you wish to see, for example:

  • Bottom right hand corner, click 'Settings' (it's the most right-hand option)
  • Select 'Search Settings'
  • Scroll down to 'Region Settings'
  • Make your choice
  • Save

YouTube Video Walk Through

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