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Android TV - OpenVPN

Here you can find setup information for your chosen VPN and also how to fix any problems you might encounter.

This setup guide should be usable for Android TV boxes, Android TVs and other non-phone-tablet-Android devices.

You WILL need a USB flash drive and a spare USB port on your Android TV box/Android TV.

Panasonic Android TVs sold outside of the UK, cannot load UK Apps - they're restricted by model numbers, E sold in Europe B sold in the UK - not without side-loading from unofficial sources

Install Guide

Step 1
Retrieve your VPN username and VPN password from the 'My Services' section of the Client Area:

Please note, the below is a screenshot of the Client Area. Use the link above, to access the Client Area.

Step 2
Connect the USB flash drive to your computer, make sure it is formatted as 'FAT32'

!!!!!!!!! THIS WILL WIPE THE FLASH DRIVE !!!!!!!!!

Step 3
On your computer, open the appropriate link below, the links contain our OpenVPN configuration files:

There are 2 different types of configuration files, if you are connecting from a restricted location (UAE, Saudi, China, Egypt, etc) please use the 'NoHosts' link shown below.

Regular options, for most users:

NoHosts options, for users in a restricted location:

Step 4
With the link in Step 3 open, you will see a list of configuration files, similar to the below screenshot.

You should select the location you want to appear to be in; UK for UK sites, USA for USA sites, etc.

Tap on an option name, to download that configuration file. The configuration file will then be downloaded to your computer.

Which options should I use?!

  • Port 1 is labelled 'Performance', these are typically the fastest
  • Port 2 is labelled 'Fallback', these may be required from some restricted locations
  • We recommend you experiment, to see which works best for you.

Step 5
Save the .ovpn file downloaded above on to your USB flash drive

Step 6
Eject the USB flash drive, from your computer

Step 7
Now, moving on to the Android TV box or Android TV.

Plug the USB flash drive, into your Android TV box, Android TV.

Step 8
You may see some form of acknowledgement 'USB drive connected or similar' on the TV screen

Step 9
If the TV asks 'would you like to browse…the drive now?' Select 'No'

Step 10
Install 'OpenVPN for Android' from the Google Play Store

Step 11
Once installed open/launch 'OpenVPN for Android'

Step 12
With 'OpenVPN for Android' running, along the top of the screen, usually top-right, click the '+' icon

Step 13
In the 'Add Profile' box that appears, enter any name you like, perhaps 'SV', then click 'IMPORT'

Step 14
You may see a prompt 'Allow OpenVPN for Android to access … on your device' click 'Allow'

Step 15
You will then see a list of directories/folders

Step 16
The USB drive will usually be called something like '/storage/d82a-1619', select/enter this folder.

N.B. '/storage/emulated/0' is the drive on the TV, NOT the USB Flash drive

Step 17
After entering the USB flash drive folder, you should hopefully see the '.ovpn' file you saved to the flash drive on your computer

Step 18
Scroll down and select the '.ovpn' file, then click 'SELECT' at the bottom of the screen

Step 19
The screen will then say 'Convert Config File', you can leave the defaults as they are

Step 20
Click the floppy disc icon, bottom right, to complete the import

Step 21
You will be returned to the 'OpenVPN for Android' main screen, with 'Profiles' selected

Step 22
You should see the profile that you imported above, under the 'Profiles' heading/tab

Step 23
Scroll down, so the profile is selected, then press select/enter

Step 24
A screen may pop up 'connection request … wants to setup a VPN', click 'OK'

Step 25
A 'Need password' screen will be shown, requesting your VPN username/password

Step 26
Enter your VPN username/password, be careful with typing

Step 27
Enable 'Save Password'

Step 28
Click 'OK' and the VPN should attempt to connect

If you see 'AUTH_FAILED' there was probably a mistake in the VPN username/password entered

If it shows 'Initialization sequnce completed', the VPN connected successfully

Press 'back up' to go back to the main 'OpenVPN for Android' screen

Step 28
You can now remove the USB flash drive from the TV.

Step 29
To enable the VPN to connect automatically, along the top of the screen showing Profiles, Graph, Settings, Scroll right to select Settings

Enabled 'Default VPN' and select the required profile

Enable 'Keep VPN Connected'

The VPN should then be started automatically on boot and be reconnected should it get disconnected

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