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Location Detection Methods

Using OpenVPN on Windows?

Please make sure your OpenVPN software is up to date (2.3.11, updated 20/06/16). This is important, updated software can be found in the respective Setup Guides.

Your internet (IP) address is just one way a website can determine your location, the VPN/SmartStream can change your IP address, first check all is set up/connected properly (you only need one of the below to pass, depending on the service you are using):

Here are some other methods websites use in addition to an IP check:

  • Cache/cookies/history from your browser, you should clear these after the VPN connects or when you have problems to reset your location. For example, if you visited a website without our services enabled, it is possible the site has already cached your location.
  • Close all open browser windows, or force close all Apps you wish to use, then restart them afresh.
  • Log out & log in, if you're using a website/app where you need to log in, try logging out and back in again after making sure our services are configured/connected properly.
  • Time zone, set to the timezone of the content you wish to access. Restart the device once changed. Channel 4/All 4, UKTV/Dave & Sky use this additional check.
  • Region & date formatting, some sites will check the region specified on the computer/device and the date formatting, for example UK/USA dates are formatted differently. Restart the device once changed. Channel 4/All 4, UKTV/Dave & Sky use this additional check.
  • Location Services/GPS, devices like the iPhone/iPad/Android/AppleTV devices may have a GPS chip/Location Services, if so this should be disabled. ITV and SkyGo are known to use this check on iOS and Android (make sure you disable Location Services for these Apps). Some apps however will refuse to open at all, BT Sport and TVPlayer on a phone/tablet/AppleTV for example, TVPlayer does still function on the Amazon FireTV. National Lottery App on iOS now uses this check, try a browser instead of the app (on a computer still works).
  • Mobile signal, disable all mobile data by putting the device into Airplane mode, then re-enable wifi. Apps can check the mobile carrier and/or roaming status of the device. SkyGo for example use this additional check.
  • Location tracking, a feature most modern browsers have, this should also be disabled as it may override the IP check. Many sites use this.

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