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Residential IP VPN

Residential IP VPN accounts include: UK Residential VPN - BT Shared IP, BT Dedicated IP

You must have a Residential IP VPN account to use this service.

Residential IP VPN offers the greatest protection against site blocking because the VPN uses IP addresses from residential broadband providers, this means sites that are prone to blocking traditional VPNs (streaming, gambling, betting websites, etc) can be accessed without a problem.

Have you considered a VPN router?

Whilst you can of course configure your Residential IP VPN directly on your computer/phone/tablet, we have guides for this below, using a VPN router makes it easy to connect all your devices to your Residential IP VPN service.

The VPN router connects the VPN, you then connect your devices to the VPN router wifi network or cabled ports. Anything connected to the VPN router, then uses the VPN. Computers, phones, tablets, Fire TV, AppleTV, you name it! Simple!

We recommend either GL.iNet or Asus Merlin VPN routers, see our setup guides below for example models and the VPN speeds they are capable of. If you would like to discuss potential VPN router options, get in touch with our Support team who will be happy to help.

Our Residential IP VPN service supports OpenVPN only, to use a VPN router with this service it must use OpenVPN 2.4 or above as this service requires 'tls-crypt'


To avoid detection, it is IMPORTANT that you also complete the below BEFORE connecting:

Bet3xx on mobile/tablet NOT possible. App uses GPS/Location Services. Computers only.


Microsoft Windows


Mobile Devices


There are 2 potential Apps for OpenVPN: Passpartout and OpenVPN Connect, we recommend the former.


VPN Routers

GL.iNet Routers

Asus Merlin Routers

DD-WRT Routers

Generic Devices

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