DD-WRT Router - OpenVPN

Some of these routers have low powered processors, so speed may be slower than when using the VPN directly on a computer/tablet/etc.

You must have a Residential VPN account to use this service.

OpenVPN Test

Step 1
Go to Administration, then Commands

Step 2
Enter which openvpn in the box

Step 3
Click the Execute command button

Step 4
Verify that you receive a path for OpenVPN, such as /usr/sbin/openvpn

Step 5
If you do not receive a path for OpenVPN your current firmware does not have OpenVPN included.

If OpenVPN is not present, you need to upgrade to either the VPN or Mega DD-WRT firmware, if the device flash etc allows. Please consult the DD-WRT website for further information.

Step 6
Next please check the version of OpenVPN - it must be version 2.4 or above to use our service on a DD-WRT router. Run the below command, to check the OpenVPN version:

openvpn --version

Install Guide

Step 1
After verifying that your DD-WRT router has OpenVPN included and the version is 2.4 or above, please contact our support team and they will provide you with a custom configuration script, for a DD-WRT router.

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