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Disable Location Tracking

How to disable location tracking on your device and/or web browser:

  • iPhone/iPad:
    • Settings
    • Privacy
    • Location Services
    • Disable it globally, by moving the slider to Off
  • Android:
    • Settings
    • Security & Location
    • Tap Location
    • Turn OFF 'Use Location'
  • Google Chrome:
    • Click on the three dots on the top right corner of Chrome
    • Select Settings
    • Click on Advanced and visit the Privacy and security section
    • Click on Content Settings and go to the Location section
    • Find the switch that says 'Ask before Accessing' and make sure it's on.
  • Firefox:
    • Type about:config in the address bar of Firefox
    • Firefox will show you a warning 'This will void your warranty'
    • Accept it
    • Search for geo.enabled in the search bar
    • Select that option and change its value from true to false.
  • Opera:
    • Click on the Opera logo on the top left corner of the Opera window
    • Visit the Advanced tab and click on Content Settings
    • Click on Location
    • Slide the 'Ask Before Accessing' toggle switch to on.
  • Safari:
    • Click on Safari written on the top left corner
    • Go to Preferences
    • Under the Privacy tab
    • select Website Tracking
    • Check 'Prevent Cross-site tracking'
    • Next select the Websites tab
    • Under General, select Location
    • Make sure any sites you plan to access, that are listed here, are set to Deny
    • If you are prompted for location tracking when you first access a website, make sure you deny this
  • Edge:
    • Open the Action Center on your Windows 10 computer
    • Select All Settings
    • Go to Privacy and select Location
    • You'll see a slider that says Location Service
    • Turn it off
    • Visit Location History and find 'Clear History on this Device'
    • Click on Clear.

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