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Google WiFi - SmartStream

Here you can find SmartStream setup information for your chosen device and also which services you can access whilst using SmartStream.

You can use the Table of Contents on the right hand side of this window to navigate between the different sections.

Install Guide

Step 1
Choose 2 SmartStream DNS servers using the below list, from either the 'Type 1' or 'Type 2' list, you will need these later.

Step 2
Retrieve your VPN username and password, if you are a new member this is contained in the StreamVia Account Information email you received after ordering.

Step 3
Use the Google guide, below, to set your chosen SmartStream DNS servers on your Google WiFi:

Only the SmartStream DNS servers should be listed, delete any others

Step 4
Make sure there are no typing mistakes in the DNS servers entered, if there are you will lose internet access.

Step 5
Unplug the power to the Google router, wait 5 seconds and then power it back up again

Step 6
After the router has rebooted, restart any devices connected to the router - computers, tablets, etc

Step 7
Use the below link to sign in to SmartStream using your VPN username and password, this will activate SmartStream for your current broadband IP address. It is recommended you do this from a computer or tablet.

Should your broadband connection IP address change (if your router restarts or your ISP resets your connection) you will need to repeat this step of signing in, to update our systems.

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