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Install/Setup A Device

Here you will find out how to install/setup your device - just tell us which service you want to use! Select from the options below, or continue reading for help in choosing the most appropriate service for your use.

I want UK/USA streaming websites
Providing you're not in a restricted location/country, and/or your Internet provider is not on our 'Known Problematic ISP' list, SmartStream is probably the best option. Although you can also use our UK and USA VPN options for such sites.

In a restricted country?
You will probably want to use the VPN, as this features additional encryption to keep your internet traffic hidden. SmartStream may work from some such locations, please check the 'Known Problematic ISP/Country List' for further details.

Using a hotel/public wifi internet connection?
Use the VPN, such internet connections are generally filtered and so are not compatible with SmartStream DNS.

I want non-UK/non-USA streaming websites
Use the VPN for the country you wish to appear to be in, for example Italy for Italian sites, Germany for German sites and so on.

I want additional encryption/security
Use the VPN.

I want to setup your service on TV/TV device
Use SmartStream.

I want to access non-streaming sites
Use the VPN

Can I use both services? SmartStream at home, the VPN when travelling?
Absolutely, not a problem. You're free to change between the VPN/SmartStream as required, when the VPN is on it takes priority when turned off SmartStream DNS will return if configured.

How many devices can I setup?
When using the VPN the limit is 2 concurrently connected devices, you can configure more but only 2 can have it switched on at once. When using SmartStream the limit is 1 broadband connection at a time, you can use unlimited devices on this 1 broadband connection.

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