Asus Merlin Router - Kill Switch

This page will show you how to configure a Kill Switch, when using Asus Merlin.

A Kill Switch, will prevent your devices from accessing the internet should the VPN become disconnected - to prevent IP leakage, via your real broadband IP address.

You must have a Residential VPN account to use this service.

Kill Switch

Step 1
Make sure your computer is connected to the 'StreamVia VPN' wifi network, or whatever you called your new VPN wifi network.

Step 2
In a browser, open the below page - this will open the router configuration screen:

Step 3
Login to the router, with the router username/password you created during setup.

Step 4
Navigate to:

Advanced Settings → VPN → VPN Client → OpenVPN

Step 5
Scroll down to where it shows 'Killswitch - Block router clients if tunnel goes down', set this to 'Yes'

Step 6
Scroll down to the bottom of the page, then click 'Apply' to save the settings change

Step 7
Now, if the VPN disconnects, your devices will NOT be able to access the internet (to leak your real IP address), until the VPN connects again.

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