Asus Merlin Router - Initial Setup

This page covers the Initial Setup of an Asus router, i.e straight out of the box.

Once this has been completed, you then need to update to the Merlin firmware, before finally uploading our VPN configuration.

We will setup the Asus router to run it's own separate wifi network, any devices then connected to the Asus wifi network will use the VPN connection.

You must have a Residential VPN account to use this service.

Initial Setup

Step 1
Unbox the router.

Connect the included ethernet network cable to the blue port on the Asus, which is the Internet port, to a spare port on your existing broadband router.

Step 2
Power on the Asus router, there is usually a push button switch on the back.

Step 3
It is best to use a computer to set things up, tablets and phones can be awkward.

Connect your computer to either the 'Asus_XX_XX' wifi network, or use a cable and connect your computer to one of the yellow ports.

Step 4
In a browser, open the below page - this will open the router configuration screen:

Step 5
You will see a screen similar to the below, this may vary slightly depending on the router model and the firmware your device is already running.

Step 6
Click Create A New Network

Step 7
Enter your chosen Network Name, this will be the new wifi network name.

If you are using a company computer, the company IT team may be able to check the wifi network name your device is connected to, so perhaps call it 'BT-HomeHub' (something NOT-VPN) just to be safe.

Choose a new wifi password and enter this into the Wireless Security box. Then, click Apply

We recommend you do not tick 'Separate' 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz'.

Step 8
Next you will prompted to create Router Login Name (username) and Password, this is to access the router configuration panel (not the wifi network, nor VPN)

We recommend you set the 'Router Login Name' to 'admin', then the password of your choice. Then, click 'Next'

Make sure you do not lose these details, otherwise you will have to factory reset the router to gain access again.

Step 9
The router will now configure your new wifi network and set the new username and password. It will show a summary page, similar to the below.

Step 10
Now connect the wifi on your computer, to the NEW wifi network that you created - in our example, we choose 'StreamVia VPN', so we connect our device to the 'StreamVia VPN' wifi network.

You will be prompted for the wifi password you set in Step 7 and shown in the summary in Step 9, when you connect to the new wifi network.

Step 11
In a browser, again open the below page - this will open the router configuration screen:

Step 12
You should then see the router configuration panel, similar to the below. If you are prompted to login, enter the Router Login Name you set in Step 8 along with the password.

Step 13
We will now update the router firmware, using the Asus original/stock firmware.

Advanced Settings → Administration → Firmware Upgrade → Check

Step 14
Install and apply any firmware updates that it finds.

If the automatic update fails, when you click 'Check', you can manually check for updated firmware on the Asus Support site, then use the 'Manual Upload' option:

Step 15
You will see something similar to the below, whilst the router updates. Go make a coffee, or something stronger if you feel the need ;)

When the router restarts, your computer will probably connect back to your main/original wifi network.

Step 16
In the browser window, after the update finishes, you may see the below - requesting that you manually restart the router.

Either remove the power from the router, or use the push button, give in 10 seconds or so without power, then start it up again.

Step 17
This is the first part done!

Next, we need to upload the 'Merlin' software, which is an enhanced version of the Asus stock/original firmware, then configure the VPN.

Click Here for the Merlin Update steps

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