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Android - OpenVPN

Here you can find setup information for your chosen VPN and also how to fix any problems you might encounter.

You can use the Table of Contents on the right hand side of this window to navigate between the different sections.

You must have a 4G/LTE Mobile VPN account to use this service.

This Setup Guide requires the use of a computer to Download, Extract and then Email to yourself the configuration files.

If you only have your mobile device, please email our Support team who will send you the configuration files directly to your device email

Install Guide

Step 1
Retrieve your VPN username and password, if you are a new member this is contained in the StreamVia 4G/LTE Mobile VPN - Account Information email you received after ordering.

Step 2
Install OpenVPN Connect from the Google Play store

Step 3
Using a computer, download the 4G/LTE Mobile VPN connection profiles:

Step 4
After downloading the connection profiles to your computer, open the zip file, you will see various folders, enter the folder that matches the VPN server you were assigned - contained in the 'StreamVia 4G/LTE Mobile VPN - Account Information' email - matching the format EE-xxx.xx

Then, enter the iOS_Android folder.

Step 5
Email to yourself, the connection profiles for your VPN server/account - an email account that is present on your device - this will allow you to easily import them on your device.

Alternatively, please contact our Support team and they will email you the connection profiles directly.

Step 6
Open the email with the configurations, on the device you are setting up. Tap each attachment in turn, you will need to repeat this for each option you wish to install.

Download/save the VPN configurations to your device, from your email. Usually by clicking a downward-pointing arrow.

Step 7
Start the OpenVPN Connect App that you downloaded in Step 2 from the Play Store. Select OVPN Profile, from the App Home screen.

Step 8
With OVPN selected, navigate to your Downloads folder or wherever you saved the configuration files on your device, you should now see a list of the OpenVPN Configuration files downloaded in Step 3 and Step 4. Select them so they have a 'tick' by them, then tap Import top right.

Step 9
Enter VPN credentials, then press Add

We STRONGLY recommend you repeat from 'Step 6' above, to import ALL options for your assigned VPN server. This will allow you to experiment, to see which works best from your physical location.

Step 10
Move the VPN slider to On

Step 11
To import additional options, repeat from Step 6 to download to the configuration files, then use the giant + button in the OpenVPN Connect App (bottom right usually).

Step 12
VPN username/password stored for each option, can be edited by tapping the > next to each configuration option.

Step 1
Load the OpenVPN Connect App, then go to Settings from the three-horizontal-line button (top left usually).

Step 2
Enable Seamless tunnel

Step 3
Set Connection timeout: none

Step 4
Set Reconnect on Reboot if you wish

Step 5
Enable any other options you wish

Step 6
If the VPN is currently connected, go into the OpenVPN Connect app move the slider to Off, then reconnect, for the changes to take effect

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