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Welcome to the StreamVia Help homepage, here you will find setup guides and how to fix common problems.

Upgraded to Windows 10 and experiencing problems with OpenVPN? Click Here for updated version

Still blocked? Click Here for additional Location Detection Methods some websites use


Using a VPN is the traditional way to bypass blocks and filters or change your location.

  • Available anywhere
  • Works in China, UAE, hotels, etc
  • Encryption
  • Changes your Internet location
  • Enable/disable as required
  • Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
  • iPhone, iPad, Android
  • DD-WRT Routers


Alternative to using a VPN, specifically designed for optimising streaming media sites.

  • Will not work in China, UAE, hotels etc
  • Fastest performance
  • Best for streaming
  • Works even over long distances
  • No encryption
  • Always on
  • Computers, tablets, phones, routers
  • Games consoles, SmartTVs, AppleTVs

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