Samsung C/D/E Series - SmartStream

Here you can find SmartStream setup information for your chosen device and also which services you can access whilst using SmartStream.

You can use the Table of Contents on the right hand side of this window to navigate between the different sections.

Install Guide

Step 1
Choose the closest SmartStream DNS server to your current location using the below list, you will need this later.

Step 2
Retrieve your VPN username and password, if you are a new member this is contained in the StreamVia Account Information email you received after ordering.

Step 3
Go to the SmartHub home screen

Step 4
Press the below key sequence, i.e the appropriate buttons on the remote. FastForward and Rewind are the FastForward and Rewind buttons on the remote control

FastForward → 2→ 8 → 9 → Rewind

Step 5
A menu should pop up, if the above command sequence has been entered correctly. If not, go back to viewing TV, then back to SmartHub and try again. If it fails, you seem to need to go back to the TV, then SmartHub, before trying again.

There is a YouTube video - - that shows the process if you need it

Step 6
Choose the app store region that you wish to see, i.e UK

Step 7
Go to SmartHub screen

Step 8
Press menu button

Step 9
Scroll down to Network

Step 10
Network Settings

Step 11
Click Start, it will 'do its thing'. This will vary depending on how you are connecting, i.e cable or wifi

Step 12
Click IP Settings, when you get the 'settings complete' screen

Step 13
Do *not* change anything under the 'IP Setting' header, i.e it must stay on automatic

Step 14
Scroll down to DNS Setting, change to 'enter manually'

Step 15
Enter the SmartStream DNS server you chose in Step 1

Only the SmartStream DNS servers should be listed, delete any others

Step 16
Click OK, OK, etc until you are out of the settings

Step 17 Unplug the TV, wait 10 seconds or so

Step 18
Use the below link to sign in to SmartStream using your VPN username and password, this will activate SmartStream for your current broadband IP address. It is recommended you do this from a computer.

Should your broadband connection IP address change (if your router restarts or your ISP resets your connection) you will need to repeat this step of signing in, to update our systems.

Removal Guide

Step 1
Press Menu on your Freesat remote control.

Step 2
Go to System

Step 3
Choose Network

Step 4
Press Configure Network

Step 5
Choose Configure IP

Step 6
Choose Automatic

Press Apply, then restart the Freesat receiver

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