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Humax Freesat - SmartStream

Here you can find SmartStream setup information for your chosen device and also which services you can access whilst using SmartStream.

You can use the Table of Contents on the right hand side of this window to navigate between the different sections.

Please Read Me

The previously available setup guide for this device has been removed.

Recent versions of this device (1100S, etc) cannot have the DNS set directly on them when connected via wifi. The required options have been removed by Humax from the network settings screen.

If your device is connected via wifi, the only option is to set the DNS on your router (please see the SmartStream Broadband Router setup guides for common router models) so that the DNS settings trickle down from your router to the Humax.

If you can connect the Humax via cable/ethernet, not WiFi, Contact Us for a trick so that the device provides the required hidden configuration options.

The old guide can be found below for reference, however if you are using a recent model Humax (1100S, etc) it will likely be of no use - please follow the instructions/directions above.

Historical Humax Setup Guide for older devices ONLY

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