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 +====== Location Detection Methods ======
 +Your internet (IP) address is just one way a website can determine your location, the VPN/​SmartStream can change your IP address, first check all is set up/​connected properly (you only need one of the below to pass, depending on the service you are using):
 +<WRAP centeralign>​
 +|  [[http://​​|Test VPN and/or SmartStream]] ​ |
 +Here are some other methods websites use in addition to an IP check:
 +  * **Cache/​cookies/​history** from your browser, you should clear these after the VPN connects or when you have problems to reset your location. ​ For example, if you visited a website without our services enabled, it is possible the site has already cached your location.
 +  * **Close all open browser windows**, or force close all Apps you wish to use, then restart them afresh.
 +  * **Log out & log in**, if you're using a website/app where you need to log in, try logging out and back in again after making sure our services are configured/​connected properly.
 +      * //​Particularly important for Amazon Prime/​Instant Video, especially when using the VPN (Settings -> My Account -> Sign Out, on App devices)//
 +  * **Time zone**, set to the timezone of the content you wish to access. ​ Restart the device once changed. Sites/Apps that are known to use this check:
 +      * //All 4, NowTV, Sky, UKTV/Dave//
 +  * **Region & date formatting**,​ some sites will check the region specified on the computer/​device and the date formatting, for example UK/USA dates are formatted differently. ​ Sites/Apps that are known to use this check:
 +      * //All 4, NowTV, Sky, UKTV/Dave//
 +  * **Location Services/​GPS**,​ devices like the iPhone/​iPad/​Android/​AppleTV devices may have a GPS chip/​Location Services, if so this should be disabled. ​ Sites/Apps that are known to use this check:
 +      * //All 4, ITVHub, NowTV, Sky, UKTV/Dave//
 +      * //BBC iPlayer Radio App, disable in device GPS settings/​Location Services//
 +      * //BTSport; cannot be disabled//
 +      * //National Lottery use a browser/​computer not the App//
 +      * //TVPlayer; cannot be disabled, works on FireTV only//.
 +  * **Mobile signal**, disable all mobile data by putting the device into Airplane mode, then re-enable wifi.  Apps can check the mobile carrier and/or roaming status of the device. ​ Sites/Apps that are known to use this check:
 +      * //NowTV, Sky//
 +  * **DNS**, some security/​antivirus software will mean you are not using our DNS servers, even when connected to the VPN or SmartStream. ​ This is a problem for unblocking some streaming websites.
 +      * //Open our tester, [[http://​]],​ make sure the '​DNS'​ check has a '​YES',​ if not check your security/AV software for DNS filtering.//​
 +      * //AVAST, AVG users will need to disable DNS filtering, sometimes called 'Real Site' or '​Secure DNS', if you find you're still blocked from some streaming websites//
 +  * **Browser Location tracking**, allows browsers to '​reveal'​ your physical location. The calculations are not based on your IP address. Instead, they typically use information such as nearby Wi-Fi networks, your system'​s location settings, or your device'​s GPS. This should also be disabled as it may override the IP check.
 +      * **Google Chrome:​** ​
 +        * Click on the three dots on the top right corner of Chrome
 +        * Select Settings
 +        * Click on Advanced and visit the Privacy and security section
 +        * Click on Content Settings and go to the Location section
 +        * Find the switch that says 'Ask before Accessing'​ and make sure it's on.
 +      * **Firefox:​** ​
 +        * Type about:​config in the address bar of Firefox
 +        * Firefox will show you a warning 'This will void your warranty'​
 +        * Accept it
 +        * Search for geo.enabled in the search bar
 +        * Select that option and change its value from true to false. ​
 +      * **Opera:**
 +        * Click on the Opera logo on the top left corner of the Opera window
 +        * Visit the Advanced tab and click on Content Settings
 +        * Click on Location
 +        * Slide the 'Ask Before Accessing'​ toggle switch to on.
 +      * **Safari:​** ​
 +        * Click on Safari written on the top left corner
 +        * Go to Preferences
 +        * Under the Privacy tab
 +        * select Website Tracking
 +        * Check the options that say '​Prevent Cross-site tracking'​ and 'Ask websites not to track me'.
 +      * **Edge:​** ​
 +        * Open the Action Center on your Windows 10 computer
 +        * Select All Settings
 +        * Go to Privacy and select Location
 +        * You'll see a slider that says Location Service
 +        * Turn it off
 +        * Visit Location History and find 'Clear History on this Device'​
 +        * Click on Clear.